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Hello, and welcome to Avi and Pri’s Blog for True Lies.

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Avinaash –

I’ll start off by introducing myself solely because I am an attention whore. I am Avinaash, known as Avi, Sweetu and/or Sweetcheeks. I love talking about myself (you people have probably figured that out by now), I am an Indian,  but I currently live in the United States of Amreeka, and have been doing so for the past year. My age is something I don’t like talking about, but I promise cookies to the person who can guess correctly. And no, if you cheat by going to my Twitter; it doesn’t count. I feel that that I’m immature, compassionate, immensely moody and extremely out there. There are many ways to describe me, but it all comes down to how you behave with moi. Second chances do exist in my spectrum of judgments, and sometimes so do Second Second chances. A profession that seems best for me is a pathologist, and I wish to research in the field of viruses. Writing is a passion, and pretty much the only thing I’m proud of in my life. I hope you feel better after knowing a bit about me!

Also, if there are any questions you want to ask, just click here!


Disclaimer: Avi’s actually not an attention whore, just a person who rightly acknowledges how amazing she is in her single-pieceness.

Hello! I’m Avinaash’s older first cousin by two years which, by default, makes me Indian as well. I’ve lived in the US my entire life with fairly regular visits to India. As for my personality: I’m a stereotypical Scorpio, though unusually well-intentioned and slightly naive. Similar to Avi, my behavior and attitude depends on how people interact with me. I am, however, painfully shy and if I don’t strike up a conversation with you, it really is not personal at all because my social skills leave much to be desired. I have been writing for a good 10 years, nothing good just stuff here and there, yet I still make up my own words as you will probably find out soon enough. My extensive time in writing by no means means it is any good; it’s mostly just shit really. This is my first proper fiction written anywhere besides my notebook and Avi’s been amazing enough to give me the opportunity. Oh, it’s probably worth mentioning that I swear quite a bit, I am ridiculously sarcastic, and brutally honest though I will try not to come off as too strong it does seep through by accident at times. My passion and what I choose to pursue in life is Psychology which is why I’m writing Arnav’s character (and enjoying it immensely).  Obviously, I apparently enjoy talking about myself as well but I hope it’s been to your benefit 🙂


4 thoughts on “Who we are –

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA “if you fall, I’ll be there -Floor”

    God I love that :’D BAHAHAA

    Avi the Great I already know 😛 (PLUS I know your real age. You’re … you’re … you’re about 60.)

    And hey Priya – first time meeting, and I’m always bad at these so erm .. I will Tweet you, actually. That’s what I’ll do. Plans for our intro are already being made 😉 LOL

    And honestly – maybe it’s just a family thing – but you guys are too modest 😛
    I’ve read one thing by you, Priya, and I’m hooked :’D

    And Sweetu … *cough*cough* yeah … voh bhi theek hi hai 😉

    But I like that you’ve put in a little Intro post here on the blog! Makes it seem all homey and welcoming and all that lovely sop :’D LOL


    (which better come soon, btw ^_^)

    – Anissa x

  2. Hey Anissa! It’s totally ok, I’m really bad at these slightly awkward introductory phases too.

    It’s probably a family thing but thank you! I’m flattered that you’re hooked and that you think I’m too modest, I don’t give off that impression often enough 😛

    Thank you for the kind words 🙂

  3. Hey there…I read all the chapters of true lies in one go…its gripping and had me so engrossed that I forgot to comment…kept moving from one chapter to another.Please update soon.In case you are planning to move the story…please grant excess.
    Khushi and Arnav in a totally new setting are a feast to Arshi starved an like me and now curiousity totally killing the cat❤️

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